Proofreading of Academic Texts Written by Non-Native English Speakers

Proofreading academic texts written by non-native English speakers in the international research community is my specialty.

Proofreading is essential for any academic text or journal article that must undergo a review process before publication. Well-written English makes a good impression on the journal editor and the reviewers, often speeding the review process.

Proofreading ensures that the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice in the document are appropriate and that the text sounds as if it were written by a native speaker of English.

With a background in physics, psychology and teaching Academic English at the university level, I have the skills necessary to make your academic English text perfect, allowing you to communicate your research findings without worrying about English difficulties.

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Online Classes and Workshops for Academic English as a Foreign Language 

In online English classes, you can improve your academic English, both in speaking and writing. We can meet either on Skype or in my online classroom (with room for up to 25 students).

Whether you wish to improve your speaking or your academic writing, I can customize a class to meet your needs.

In addition, I also offer one-day workshops on academic English at any location within Germany, for example, at universities and research institutions.

Within the Heilbronn area, I offer courses in technical and academic English at companies.

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Proofreader/Teacher Qualifications

Sarah McGee (MS Physics, BA Psychology, Cert. TEFL) has experience in scientific research as well as in writing and teaching English at the university level.